Bedroom Secrets And Conspiracies Exposed

October 31, 2014 by Suara Kebenaran

Category: politik

KUALA LUMPUR: No stranger to the tactics of prosecutors, opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim told reporters today that while his defence team had done “an impressive job, especially creating doubt in the tampering of evidence”, the prosecution team on the other hand was pandering to a pro-government media lusting for sensational news.

Anwar who was in court earlier today for the fourth day of his Sodomy II appeal told reporters, “The deputy public prosecutor quoted juicy parts of his submission for Utusan Malaysia and TV3.”

Those “juicy bits” included a four-letter word that lead prosecutor, Muhammad Shafee Abdullah said was allegedly uttered by Anwar to his former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan who he is accused of sodomising, as part of their sexual play.

The lead prosecutor also attacked the defence team’s conspiracy theory that samples were contaminated, saying simply that the defence’s arguments made no sense at all.

Earlier as part of his submission, Shafee made the case that Anwar sexually harassed the victim over a prolonged period before taking it to the final act of sodomy.

In painstaking detail, Shafee also narrated how the alleged sodomy took place, thereby completing 20% to 30% of his submission today.

The proceedings will continue next week Monday when the prosecution argues the complainant’s credibility and other matters raised by the defence this past week.

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